Welcome to Foodycle Food Festival!


Welcome to Foodycle Food Festival Saturday 24th of September! The event takes place in the old hospital area in Lapinlahti, Helsinki (Lapinlahdentie 1, 00180) – MAP (near Ruoholahti metro station).

Farmers’ Market! (vegetables, bread, sausages, jams, mustards, jellys and honey)

Street Food! (Social Food Street, Labby Catering, Sisaruxet, Cafe Damaskus, Helsieni)

Insect buffet! (EntoCube)

Raw sausage making showcase! (Feri’s sausages)

Also discussions including Protein and Food channel battles, which are mainly in Finnish.

Check out the programme here! (scroll down the page)


What is Foodycle?

A transdisciplinary event, Foodycle searches solutions for future’s sustainable food systems. Our event aims at building bridges between different disciplines, enhancing understanding about the food system as well as offering tangible solutions and tools for making a sustainable food system reality. Foodycle is a non-cost event open for all. The event was first organized in September 2013 as a collaboration between Ruoan tulevaisuus ry and Pixelache Helsinki. Other partners back then included Aalto University Media Factory and University of Helsinki. During Foodycle 2014 the organizers were joined by Dodo, an urban environmental NGO. Foodycle then attracted hundreds of participants, a diverse crowd from science, art and civil society backgrounds.